In compliance with EVF rules, registrations are transmitted by national fencing federations only.

 You must ask your federation to register you, indicating your weapon(s) and age category.

 Your federation will then liaise with the organisers and you will be able to check that your registration is effective in the selected weapon(s) on our website. Note that registration is final once full payment has been received.


 As voted during the last EVF Congress, entry fees are 50€, covering registration and refereeing costs, plus 35€ per weapon.
If you fence in one weapon, the total fee is 85€. For two weapons, it is 120€, for three: 155€.

Payment can be made either through your federation or directly. Your federation will inform you of the chosen method. If you pay directly, payment is via bank transfer ONLY to the following account:
IBAN : FR76 1333 5004 0108 9338 6307 813
Bank account certificate (PDF) : >>> RIB <<<
Important: Specify in the transfer order NAME / FIRST NAME / NATION

You will be able to check your payment status (or that of your federation) on our website: your registration will be shown as “validated”.

The registration and payment deadline is April 29,2019. No entry fees will be accepted after this date.

 If you need to cancel your registration, you will be fully reimbursed if notification is received on or before May 15, 2019. No reimbursement is possible after this date.

List of registered :


CatégoriesAnnée de naissance - Year of birth
Vétérans 11970 -> 1979
Vétérans 21960 -> 1969
Vétérans 31950 -> 1959
Vétérans 41945 -> 1949
Vétérans 5 ... -> 1944