Calendar of events

Wednesday, May 29Thursday, May 30Friday, May 31Saturday, June 1stSunday, June 2
08:00 Men's Epée V308:00 Men's Epée V108:00 Women's Epée V108:00 Men's Epée V2 08:00 Women's Epée V2
08:00 Men's Foil V4/V511:30 Women's Foil V108:00 Men's Sabre V111:15 Women's Foil V3 08:00 Men's Foil V1
10:30 Men's Foil V212:30 Women's Sabre V308:00 Women's Foil V212:30 Women's Sabre V210:15 Men's Sabre V2
10:30 Women's Epée V302 pm Men's Sabre V4/V509:45 Men's Epée V4/V512:45 Women's Foil V4/V512:15 Women's Epée V4/V5
02:30 pm Women's Sabre V4/V510:30 Men's Foil V313:15 Women's Sabre V112:45 Men's Sabre V3

Fencers must have carried out their registration no later than 7:00 pm the day before their event.
They must be present on their piste 10 minutes before start time of their poule.

Other appointments

Tuesday, May 28Wednesday, May 29Saturday, June 1stSunday, June 2
2:00 pm Meeting of the DT and the IT team5:30 pm Opening Ceremony07:30 pm Cocktail aperitif - Open to all participants06:00 pm Closing Ceremony
4:00 pm Meeting of heads of delegations
5:00 pm EVF Congress
6:00 pm Referees meeting
CatégoriesAnnée de naissance - Year of birth
Vétérans 11970 -> 1979
Vétérans 21960 -> 1969
Vétérans 31950 -> 1959
Vétérans 41945 -> 1949
Vétérans 5 ... -> 1944